First Aid Kit
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  Home/Office/Auto First Aid Kit
Our small box first aid kit with a variety of products to fit minor first aid needs. Perfect the home, office, auto, backpack or purse.
The kit is roomy, durable, easy to carry, and simple to open. Plastic box is ideal for storing art sullies for its light weight, large capacity and handle's design.

01.Non-Woven Swab 4 pcs
02.Adhesive Plasters 3 strips
03.Butterfly Band Aid 4 pcs
04.Large Size Band Aid 1 pc
05.Wet Tissue (Soap) 3 pcs
06.Wet Tissue (NaCL) 3 pcs
07.Scissors 5 1/2" 1 pcs
08.Adhesive Tape 1 roll
09.Tweezers 1 pc
10.Emergency Blanket 1 pc
11.Elastic Bandage 1roll
12.Safety Gloves 1 pair
13.Triangular Bandage 1 pc
14.Safety Pin 6 pcs
15.Conforming Bandage 1roll
16.Plastic Box, PP(21×14×7cm) 1 pc



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